The Dinosaur Class provides after school care for children attending the full day kindergarten program (Kindergarten Academy) in the Mechanicsburg Area School District (MASD), with a maximum of ten children enrolled in the class. The students arrive at the ECC at approximately 2:30 pm in the afternoons. Morning bus transportation to the KA is available from the ECC if the school district has a delayed opening schedule due primarily to weather conditions.

There are many days during the school year that the ECC is open, but the Mechanicsburg Area School District’s kindergarten classes are not in session. A printable list of these dates is here. If the kindergartner attends the ECC on these days, additional payment is required as stated in the parent agreement. Parents are asked to notify the ECC office in advance if their child will be in attendance for those full days. Forms are provided for this notification.

Additional payment is also expected if the kindergartner is in attendance on days the public school is closed due to weather-related (or other) emergencies. The added tuition expense is used to pay for the additional staff hours required to provide this care.