Registration & Admissions


Class sizes are limited. Please contact the ECC office (by phone or email) to check on available space for the program that you would prefer for your child.

To apply for the enrollment of your child in one of programs of the ECC, please download and print out the appropriate form. Then fill out the form and bring the form to the ECC office with the appropriate payment. Fees are shown on each form.


A parent may register their child at any time there is an opening in the school. Most children will register to start in either the Fall or Summer session. In January, parents of all students enrolled will have the opportunity to register their child for the coming Summer or Fall session. Families new to the school will be contacted by a teacher prior to the student's entrance date. An individual appointment will be arranged for parents and child to become acquainted with the program and to receive additional information designed to help each child feel secure in a new situation.

Tuition and Payment Policy

A tuition and payment policy has been formulated to provide necessary and regular income. Tuition is based on enrollment (a reserved space), not attendance. Parents are to pay the school on the first day of attendance each week, or as prearranged with the school director. A late fee will be assessed when payments are not made by Wednesday of each week. Parents are responsible for advising the school director if any weekly payment cannot be made on time. A deposit equal to one week’s tuition is required to be paid in advance of each session. (An additional week’s deposit is required if tuition payment is late more than once.) The deposit is used as the final payment for the session.
Parents wishing to withdraw a child from the ECC before the end of a session must give two weeks written notice to that effect. Full payment is expected for those two weeks.

Age Range of Children Served

The ECC provides developmentally appropriate programs for children ages 3 through kindergarten. Although groups might at first glance appear to be designated by chronological age only, equal attention is given to the developmental level of every child in the program

Policy for Late Fees

A late fee of $5.00 for each 15 minute interval will be charged when a parent is more than five minutes late picking up a child at the end of the scheduled daily session. This fee is to be added to the following week’s tuition payment. The morning session ends at either 11:30 AM or 12:30 PM, and the center closes at 6:00 PM sharp. We ask that you be considerate of our staff’s schedule, required staff/student rations, and that you would be prompt in picking up your child.

Credit Days

Credit days are issued to full-time children (one for every two months in attendance) and may be accumulated or used for payment on any day a child is absent. They may also be used for holidays. Credit days must be used within each session.

Tuition Assistance

A tuition assistance fund was started by members of C&T Baptist Church in December of 2005 to offer temporary help with tuition expenses for parents who request help. A completed application is reviewed, and assistance offered is based on need and availability of funds.